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      First, I would like to welcome everyone to this K1600 GT/GTL board.

I have in mind a clean and easy to use board – without any advertising or other flipping and rotating images all over.

Main section is probably the Forum, but also find a Gallery (Also for short videos),and the Download section.
Also popular is the K1600 service manual. (You will have to be logged in to see it)

I will always try to keep an updated list of manuals and other important documentation current in the Download section, but please help me out if you find something useful for others out there!

Please put yourself on the Member map, and your country in your profile.
A note on the Member map is that do not put the pin in an exact position where you live – but to the nearest city or place.

Also be aware that I have enabled quite a few languages for the board, and you are able to set this and a lot of other settings after you have registered.   But I will prefer to keep the language used for messages to be English.

If you have a strong feeling for a dedicated section in another language – send me a note!

This site is also available for iPhone and iPod, and will automatically forward you a more suitable version!
And for mobile users – Tapatalk is also fully integrated.


Also find another member of the family - the BMW R1200RT site at :
2018-08-29 15:51:52 by e7navy1999 | Views: 256 | Comments: 4

Good Day All.  2012 GTL ...My rear tire TPMS seems to be stuck on 35PSI.  I know for certain there is 40-42 PSI in the tire as I used 3 tire gauges to verify.  Even when I put in 42-44PSI the TMPS only reports 35PSI after 10 minutes on the road...
2018-08-25 22:39:30 by Si | Views: 147 | Comments: 2

Hi I’m new here and have been looking at a GTL and would like to know if takes long to remove the back rest and top box for day to day ridding it’s a 2016 uk model.
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