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    « on: 2015-06-12 13:44:10 »
    My service light came on round about 39200km, I serviced it myself around 39700km. On the way home +/-30km the engine management light came on. The bike is running fine with no problems. I took it in to BMW to reset the service indicator light the following day and ask if the engine management light comes on automatically if you ride some time with the service indicator light on? They said no and plugged the computer in to see what the fault is. First they said oxygen sensor, then crank position sensor now they say something about connectors. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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      Engine management light can be all sort of things.
      Some people had a coil failure.
      The dealer should be able to read what is wrong with his computer and the connection to Munich. If he starts guessing and keeps changing what might be wrong, I'd start wondering.
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