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    thanks for the PMs, Now sold, Peter

    I am going to be putting these on e-bay later in the week, looking for £400 to sell given the new parts included!
    Alas my K1600GT is no longer with me having returned the bike to “stock” before selling these Remus Stainless Steel Hexacone Exhausts are now up for sale. They were purchased in Oct-2011 and have been on two K1600GTs covering ~22,000 miles in total. The old link pipe mounting points had broken so I have brought two brand new (unused) link pipes to include in the sale. Interestingly enough they have changed the way they weld the mounting lugs on, so these new ones should be good for more than 4 years! The slip on cans are used however in good condition as can be seen from the photos. I have taken plenty of photos so you can see the condition of them, if you want more views/photos let me know or if you want the full size images to inspect let me have an e-mail address to send them too. There is a small chip on one corner of one silencer (hard to see in the photos) and I have replaced one the DB killer grub screws as the old hex slot was rounded! The best way I can explain the condition of the exhausts is I would have no hesitation in putting them on another K1600 if I were going to own one…
    There is some discussion on the benefits of weight and performance of the slip on system however the real benefit in my view is in terms of sound! The K1600GTL OEM pipes are the quietest, K1600GT OEM pipes are slightly louder, the Remus Hexacone pipes with DB killers fitted is slightly louder again and the Remus Hexacone pipes with the DB killers removed are louder again… I have ridden the vast majority of time with the DB killers out that gives a good non-intrusive sound when cruising and a much deeper louder growl when on the throttle. There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you need more info…
    The current Remus UK information/pictures are shown here including the price of new at over £900.
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      Good luck with the sale Peter. I already have a set, which have done 23000 miles on two different GT's. No problems with the link pipes yet, I will have to watch out for that. I might have to try it without the DB killers though :D
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