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    Welcome Escape
    « on: 2016-03-18 00:22:20 »
    Covering the whole of the UK & Ireland for business I drive in excess of 45000 miles per annum.  I love traveling but of recent months due to business commitment I've been unable to get out on the bike to feel the fresh air in my face if you know what I mean.

    This last Monday I was office bound and while there it was soon apparent that I would be tied to a desk till Wednesday.  Monday was a beautiful dry sunny day so I was of mind to ride in on Tuesday.  The start of Tuesday was overcast and a maximum temperature of 6C with as I found out light drizzle.
    The round trip to and from work is approximately 120 miles of B roads...............

    What a refreshing enjoyable............I hit the desk fresh and invigorated.  The trip home was even better as I revelled in the beauty of the adaptive dip beam lighting the lanes and hedgerows as I scythed across country on one of the nicest biking B roads in the country. The sweet sounding 6 playing its fanfare as I surfed  the torque in 3rd and 4th. My mind at ease as I remembered Winston saying to me that the bike will grow on you...........
    This ride was so relaxing the ride quality smoothing the road, the lights effect safe, the torque providing a wave of effortless drive...........

    This is what I missed.....this is why I ride.......what a great feeling to make smooth progress through twisting undulating roads

    Arrived home relaxed chilled and ready to ride again 👍😃

    Got a trip planned for my next off duty...............roll on Sunday 😃