Author Topic: GTL-Exclusive Production Finished for Australian Market maybe World also?  (Read 627 times)

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    To all Australian K1600 enthusiasts who have or thought about acquiring a new GTL Exclusive, some news you may not know about is that the GTL Exclusive is no longer in production and stocks are exhausted.
    I'm not sure whether this pertains only for the Australian market or also has implications for world markets, but oddly the Dealers here in Victoria weren't even aware of it until I tried to buy one yesterday and a search of the current stock and future shipments showed a big fat zero.
    Though it's strange they've dropped the flagship model with so little notice.
    As evidence to confirm this I was sent a copy of an email to the dealer from the Victorian state manager confirming this is fact and we've had our last. So for me I'll have to be content with the GTL, not so bad I guess.


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      Welcome to the forum.
      The Exclusive is still in production.
      I don't think they make an Exclusive just for the Australian market. Maybe they stopped shipping it to Australia.
      The difference between a GTL and an Exclusive is not that big anyway. A few extras, arm rests and some bling-bling (and a lot more money).
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        Thanks for your reply.
        I did suspect that the Exclusive was still in production, and given it's Motorrad's Flagship model there would be a lot of internet traffic if they dropped it from the model lineup without a replacement.

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          I don't know if this helps
          but last year bmw overproduced and flooded the market a lot of bikes used prise drop
          so this year they under produced to balanced out
          so it might be why your dealer can not get one over Oz
          in the uk we have the same problem   
          keep looking and enjoy