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    Hi guys here's a good tip , only use a good plastic cleaner on your mirrors between washes.They are plastic and easy to scratch .micro fiber clothes also no paper products.If you need to replace them you can buy just the mirror and the adjuster cheaper than the whole mirror assembly.The adjuster is from an RT 51167727521 it's the same as our gtls.Though BMW does not list it for the gtl.Opps that part number is for the mirror the adjuster is 51167717775 sorry guys.Just changed mine today I tried to polish out a scratch on the original mirror and went right through the plastic where u could see through with no reflection.If your careful you can remove the mirror by unsnapping the 6 tabs that hold the mirror to the adjuster really you just need to do half while holding pressure out towards the rear of the bike and it will pop off.dennis
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