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    New to K1600 land
    « on: 2016-10-23 15:57:49 »
    Like to introduce myself and thank you all in advance for the posts I've read and the ones yet to be written!

    Grew up on Suzuki's: 150, 500, 750 water buffalo, another 500, another 750... Graduated finally to BMW with a 94 R1100rs - fantastic bike! Got the Harley bug and had a late 80's FXRS. Figured out Harley was more a 'club' than a bike but liked it anyway. Wife bought a Fat Boy and later a Sportster. Gave my R11 to my kid as a college graduation present then bought it back from him three years later when he decided to go to law school!

    Recently sold the Sportster and got a K1600 GTLE - gently used 2014 with 14,000 miles. Fantastic engine and handling! Seat? Not liking it so much. May switch to Daylong - comments welcome!  I'm 6'2", wife 5'5" so the height step is appreciated so my SO can see!  I'd like a bit more length: seat-to-pegs, and the Daylong may provide that too.

    We live just outside Disney in Orlando area so few twisties around here but did a 2,000 mile Appalachian ride in August on a '90 K75 with a bunch of Harleys that was way fun! Just got back from Italy with Beach's Motorcycle Adventures: 200-500 hairpin turns each day across the Apennines! Good group if you like back road riding.

    Nuff said for now.
    Comments, advice welcome!
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      Re: New to K1600 land
      « Reply #1 on: 2016-10-23 16:22:24 »
      Welcome from Not so warm Scotland.

      Have also got a 2014 exclusive and even with it's little niggles I do like it. My biggest gripe with it is it's length and weight. As I am only 5'10' the seat hight suits me.

      Thinking of changing her but not sure I really want to do that. Have a FJR and a SV Sport in the garage as well as to play on but never use the FJR, just won't part with it. Anyway enough from me and good luck with the seat hunting, am sure someone will be along soon with advice on it.
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        Re: New to K1600 land
        « Reply #2 on: 2016-10-23 23:26:48 »
        Congrats on the bike and welcome to the forum.
        Seating is very personal thing. I don't have an RDL seat but I hear a lot of good things about them.

        Many safe and happy miles.
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        • Charlie747
          Re: New to K1600 land
          « Reply #3 on: 2016-10-24 01:47:59 »
          Welcome from a fen in South Lincolnshire 👍🍻😃


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            Re: New to K1600 land
            « Reply #4 on: 2016-10-24 02:57:54 »
            Good to see somebody else from the United States on the Forum. I am from East Coast also just the opposite in from you. New York has plenty of Twisties to keep you busy.