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    J&M CB radio
    « on: 2016-11-07 03:12:44 »
    Has anyone invented a chain and CB radio to their GT or GTL.? The club I ride with uses the CB radio to keep contact between the bikes. I'm thinking about putting one on my bike but they are quite expensive and I wanted to know how other people and fitted them.


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      Re: J&M CB radio
      « Reply #1 on: 2017-01-16 23:28:52 »

      Be aware that the J&M BMW CB also has a passenger to rider comm system.  The problem with it is that the comm is NOT VOX operated.  The mike stays open all the time so wind noise and other issues can arise between you and passenger.
      Some of the people I ride with use a Motorola CB with ear buds and mike connection.  Not sure what the model is but if you check around I do not believe they are hard to find.
      Chuck  2015 K1600GTL