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    Morning all.
    « on: 2018-03-24 10:32:46 »
    Hi all.
    As the saying goes, long time lurker....etc,etc.  I have been nosing around for a fair bit, but finally decided to join. I have been a member on that "other" K1600 forum for a while, but its a tad too transatlantic for me. So thought I would come and say Hi to you all. Wherever your from. ::)
    I'm based in the East Midlands in the UK. I bought a year old GTL back in 2015 and the wife and I have been using it to continue our trips around bits of Europe since then. And loving every minute of it. Had a 1200 Explorer and a 955i Tiger prior. (Love that Triumph Triple engine) The K does only really come out to do the long distance stuff, otherwise I normally potter about on a Triumph T100 Bonny. Saving the K's tyres you see.
    Anyhow, thanks in advance for any knowledge and wisdom that I may ask you to impart in future, and once again hello all.

    P.S. can someone point to a guide to the Gallery section? I did a search but did'nt find anything. I wanted to add a pic of the bike to this post but stuggled to find a way to upload a picture. Press "Add picture" just brings up "You need to create a category first before you upload a picture." But I cant see that option! Me being dense?  ;D