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    DAB+ on K 1600
    « on: 2018-06-29 20:13:33 »

    A lot has been written on this subject in the past, however I believe there is news to report.

    I was looking into the available options and decided to try and go for Dension DAB+.
    On their Website I could not find the correct configuration file so I contacted them to obtain additional information.
    As it turned out they had recently developed a Configuration for the K1600 that they were happy to chair with me.
    Based on that I bought the unit, as a genuine Dutch guy, for the lowest price I could find 😉 (€120 at Alegro in Poland).
    At first, I installed a foil areal from Calearo (amplified) under the outer shell of the top case but unfortunately that did not give me adequate reception. I switched to a, also amplified external areal from Dab on wheels in the UK ( Excess cabel I nicely stowed in the bottom of the top case and mounted the areal to the side of the topcase with a aluminum reinforcement plate on the inside.
    The DAB unit I mounted under the passenger seat. I did not want to buy a complete new cable to connect the DAB unit to the USB port of the radio so I re-routed the existing cable that sits in the right hand storage compartment in the fairing and used that.
    Thanks to Densions support and their K1600 specific configuration file I now have excellent reception, a 3 to 5 seconds buffering time (after initial search of aproxemately 20 seconds) and more stations than I care to listen to.
    I have attached some pictures for those of you who are interested.
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      Re: DAB+ on K 1600
      « Reply #1 on: 2018-06-30 06:28:07 »
      Good solution. I was also considering such DAB+ radio. Thanks for sharing. Perfect. Jos