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    Intro & Question on Buying
    « on: 2018-07-26 19:58:13 »
    Hi all!

    Many moons ago I was one of the regulars on Steinar's forum but have had much less of a bike forum presence over the last few years as work and life have been getting in the way. I've owned Honda Pan-Europeans exclusively since 1992 (currently have an ST1300) and am giving some serious consideration to moving to "the dark side" ;)

    Having owned Hondas for that long I'm not used to a bike letting me down and I confess that some of the stories regarding failures on BMW bikes in general, and the K1600 in particular, are a bit off-putting but I've always fancied a 6-pot bike and it's an itch that needs to be scratched.

    I need to test ride a couple of K1600 variants to decide whether or not it really is something I'll gel with before I make my decision, but I like to go in with as much information as I can, so before I get to the stage of talking numbers with dealers what is a realistic expectation for discount on a new K1600GT in the UK? And what about discounts on accessories (top case, inner bags, NAV VI, etc.)?

    Any and all info gratefully received!



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      Re: Intro & Question on Buying
      « Reply #1 on: 2018-07-26 20:43:48 »
      Not sure as to pricing and all in the UK , I'm in Canada here. I too am a Honda guy and still have a 82 CBX 6 cylinder,and now a new to me K1600GT. The BMW is so smooth and a joy to drive. I doubt that it will give me 36 years of trouble free service like the CBX but it sure is fun.By the way if it happened to give me 36 years of enjoyment I will be age 101. Take care and go for it.  Mike


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        Re: Intro & Question on Buying
        « Reply #2 on: 2018-07-26 22:31:43 »
        I also was a member on Steinar's Pan site and my previous bike was an ST1100 ABS/TCS.
        When I made the switch to the K1600 I tried both the GT and the GTL.
        For me it was the GT as it has almost the same seating position as the Pan.
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