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    2013 model of K1600GTLE
    « on: 2013-04-01 21:12:27 »
    Well After changing my 2012 model GTLE over for a 2013 after an engine fault the difference in the bike is quite noticeable.
    Firstly the pillion hand holds are significantly better and make handling the bike when pushing it about alot easier and safer. The new style mount for the Aux lights is also a lot better looking than the original bracket IMHO.
    For me the most significant difference is the slack in the drive train, on my Oct 12 bike the drive train had a lot of slack and I wasn't that happy with that but reading the forums they were renowned for a lot of free play so I was going to put up with it! In Feb this year I changed to a 2013 model and whether its a one off or not I dont know but the gear box and drive train is smooth. With the weather I have only just managed to get 650 miles so far but so far so good, its a real pleasure to ride and dropping it into gear at the lights is no longer embarrassing!
    With regards to the headlamp misting and the instrumentation misting its too early to say, all OK so far but the bike hasnt been left out in rain yet, only washed! This bike is exactly what I wanted when I bought the original bike so fingers crossed and 12 weeks to Europe tour!!! and hopefully some warm dry weather!
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    Re: 2013 model of K1600GTLE
    « Reply #1 on: 2013-04-01 21:54:27 »
     Congratulate on the new ride!
    Still -10c during night - and far from riding season here :(
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      Re: 2013 model of K1600GTLE
      « Reply #2 on: 2013-04-02 09:51:03 »
      Congrats with the new bike. hope you enjoy every km...

      @Steinar : freezing during the night here as well and just above 0°C during the day... Gave up waiting, and the 200km trip yesterday was cold but worth every effort.

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