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    yes, I'm not a fan of the bluetooth system and I'm very fan of the J&M
    From now ONLY MY OPINION:
    One year ago I instal the Autocom system (the Italian importator is my friend) ok, works well but the music is orrible !!! I don't know if is for the very cheap speaker or something like this but after 5 minutes of use I turn of the music !
    My friend say me the position of the speaker in the helmet is very important but in my previous Arai helmet the place for the speaker is only one !
    Also I don't like the VERY cheap hardware the unit box is ridiculous and the only good thing is the headstet cable from helmet to bike
    Repet this is only MY OPINION.
    I like very much the J&M CB system on the handlebar but I don't use the CB :-(
    Before the only alternative are the Integratr IV but I prefer some integrated in the bike and not portable.
    Some days ago I recive a J&M news letter with the new Integratr V !
    This is the right system for me !!!!
    I order one kit and also one Arai CT-Z with the integrated Elite headset.
    When I recive all for first I look the helmet and I love the clean installation of the headset also the integrated connector on the helmet for the cable are fantastic !
    When I open the Intercomm cardboard box I can see the blue unit (metallic) box , very well made and waterproof ! (not like the autocom).
    I love this system becouse you have the vox volume and intercomm volume separate to the unit box, also the music volume is separate and you can put this external control where do you want.
    I put the VOX volume/intercomm volume knob in the left black fairing on top of the radio button (the other knob is the volume of my darlas).
    he music control is integrated in a plastic box with the PTT button and I put it on the handlebar left side.
    For connect the intercomm to the bike music I use the Autocom old module  and for the phone connection via bluetooth I use the Autocom phone bluetooth box installed in the left box of my GT, I speack with Mr. Lazzeroni and say me a dedicated bluetooth module is available the next month so I replace the autocom bluetooth module when the J&M is available and I think I replace also the music cable connection with the J&M FGA-345-GTL.
    I install the intercomm unit under the left painted fairing.
    Today I ride for about 300 miles and try all the function and all work FANTASTIC !!!!!
    Now I can hear my preferite music without any hear trouble !!!
    For last but not least the J&M customer care is 5 stars !!! (thank you Brian)
    And THANKS Mr.Lazzeroni for this high quality product !

    sorry for my horrible English and I hope you understand me.

    some pics :

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      Another 200 miles yesterday and I confirm my initial impression !