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    « on: 2013-05-06 19:54:45 »
    Hi all
    I am very new to BMW bikes and about to buy one next week ! i currently have 2012 Kawasaki zzr 1400 great bike but not so good with two up trips and busy comuting trafic :) and one more thing it always wants to go fast . Anyway i test ride quite abit bikes for the last month. Bmw r 1200 gs adventure, New bmw r 1200 gs watercool, Ktm 1190 adventure, new aprilla capanord 1200 and also Bmw k1600 gt . i know the bikes i test ride are all sort of adventure bikes rather then gt but they were all good bikes. my choise was KTM is a very good bike and got alotof low power BUT £13.095 plus for bags 1000 ,heated seat grips £600 and with lots of other toys it raise the bill to £14800. For me its a bit too much for a Vtwin so i in the test rides i love the GT and i really though this is a bike for me . i always ride two up ! like touring and commute everyday, size not matters for me i prefer to pay something which can be a good alround bike.
    This website help me alot about the k1600 and it also make me laugh alot ! problems with the BMW is excetly the same as the problems with other manufactorers :) you guys all say the gears a little clunky :) my kawasaki supposts to be silky BUT NOT it clunks to first gear , condensation ? my ducati diavel has it , my gtr 1400 has it and guess what my zzr1400 has condensation ! and other little problems recalls doesnt bother me at all because even japaniese bikes have recalls!
    So guys what you all think about my buy ? i am getting a 2011 BMW k1600gt SE on 6400 miles and its £12500 from a private seller. i already ask for recalls , he said they are all done he had his 6000 service done too . he also scommented about the gear box saying that its very similar to RT or k1200GT so not too good but when you get used to it you will love it :)
    What other things i should check :) ? or should i just not buy a bmw and run away 100 miles per hour:) i know some of you had bad experinces but what about the good experinces? Tell me about it
    NIce to meet you all !!!


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    Re: NEWBIE
    « Reply #1 on: 2013-05-06 20:15:28 »
    Hello and welcome to the site  :)

    I have had my part of issues, but in short - I have not regretted buying the 1600  :D

    For me - there is only one thing that still bothers me - and that is the clonking transmission - or driveline / clutch etc.
    After test-riden 5 different bikes by now - I no now that there is differences out there - from bike to bike - and I got a very clonking one  :o

    But still - I find it to be the best bike for my riding style - and still love it - even more and more!
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      Re: NEWBIE
      « Reply #2 on: 2013-05-06 20:21:17 »
      Welcome to the forum.
      Good choice and if the bike has a service history with a dealer, it doesn't seem expensive.
      I was also new to BMW bikes when I bought mine 14 months ago, but haven't regretted it a single day so far.
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        Re: NEWBIE
        « Reply #3 on: 2013-05-06 20:56:16 »
        Welcome to the site.
        As Steiner says, had issues but I have no regrets in buying the K1600. Just returned from 600 miles in a weekend trip, two up with luggage. A brilliant bike and surprisingly agile when filtering through traffic. Fuel economy is also surprising and it performance is brilliant. Enjoy a K1600.
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          Re: NEWBIE
          « Reply #4 on: 2013-05-06 21:53:58 »
          Fantastic machine.

          Just done 750 miles escort work on it from Stamford to Edinburgh - brilliant to ride. 
          Clocked up about 10800 miles now and other than a spot of oil and tyres it has only cost me fuel!
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            Re: NEWBIE
            « Reply #5 on: 2013-05-06 23:08:50 »
            Thank you guys its very nice to hear from you all ! as i ride everyday i like the bike to be confortable and good with two up and the clutch needs to be light and i must say k1600 got all of that. i am sure it will have better MPG tha Kawasaki zx1400r :) by the way the only thing is insurance i hope i sort it out quite pricey but it will drop after a year :) i am only 30 years old  this year