Author Topic: Anyone recommend a western Canadian dealer/service shop? (Newbie)  (Read 1071 times)

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     Hello all,
    I am new to the BMW motorcycle world but a long time rider (25+ years). I recently upgraded from a Harley Ultra Classic to a new 2013 K1600 GTL and have been extremely impressed by the ride quality and power so far  :)  .
    I purchased my bike in Edmonton, AB from a respected and recommended dealer, unfortunately I live in Saskatchewan and our local dealer in Saskatoon (FFun Motorsports) has been absolutely brutal to deal with! Sadly, the FFun Motorsports dealer is about a 2 ½ hour drive from my city, and after 2 failed service attempts, hours of travel time and lost wages, I've had enough with their incompetence.
    I was considering riding back to Edmonton (450 miles) to have bike serviced but before I do, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Edmonton, Calgary or Winnipeg dealers? Thanks for any info, I would hate to have to sell the bike now due to lack of dealer support.