Author Topic: Faulty switch(es) but excellent service in Ljubljana!  (Read 519 times)

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    Back from a 2 week tour through Czechia, Slovenia, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium.

    The fun was interrupted with an early sign my left switch was giving up. The horn was no longer working. We were near the Savica falls in Slovenia when my GT refused to start. As the mode button was still working but the central locking button not, it was immediately clear to me the bike suffered from acute switchitis. I called BMW roadside assistance and was towed to the A-Cosmos dealership in Ljubljana. The transport didn't go unnoticed, especially by a group of bmw riders at a fuel station in Bled that late afternoon.

    BMW organized lodging and remained in touch all the time. The morning after I was at the dealership very early. They confirmed it was a switch issue but also were less positive about the replacement part making it quickly to Slovenia. That's when they suggested to simply use parts from a showroom model to fix the problem. And I was back on the road at 10:30 in the morning! That's what I call service! So if ever in troubles in Slovenia, I warmly recommend the A-Cosmos dealership.

    Meanwhile, my left switch continued to be faulty intermittently but I'll have that fixed this month at my dealership here in Warszawa.

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