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    Thinking of Triumph.......................
    « on: 2013-07-19 14:59:38 »
    I've got an itch for a Adventure stylie bike, and the Trumpet Explorer keeps catching my eye.[/size]Now I know the BMW Dealer will pull my pants down on trying to sell my bike back to him. And I cannot for the life of me work out what my bikes worth. Dealer prices are anywhere from 13K to 16K for a K1600GT SE....... So what would you put it up for ?2012 (12 plate) K1600GT SE with a permanent 12v power socket in the clutch side locker.Colour coded top box (Off a K1300GT). 9.5K on the clock, full BMW service history, with the remainder of the BMW two year warranty. Half worn Angel GT tyres. Ventureshield on the Panniers.
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      Re: Thinking of Triumph.......................
      « Reply #1 on: 2013-07-19 20:00:25 »
      I rode the Tiger Explorer last week and I was disappointed. The engine is powerful with plenty of oomph low down but the engine is not as smooth as I thought it would be. It might have been the demo bike I was riding only having 700 odd miles on it but I was conscious of a low thrumming vibration through the handlebars most of the time. I didn't like the ergonomics at all and I found the handlebars were too far forward and too wide. As the bars were virtually straight there was little scope for loosening them off and tilting backwards.
      The handling was ok but not as good as on my 1200GSA with the fork dive under braking being particularly noticeable. The screen was not very good either and would need an aftermarket one fitting to suit me.
      It didn't reach out to me and inspire me, unlike the KTM 1190 Adventure that I rode on Monday, and was easily crossed off the list of eventual replacements for my GSA. Getting back on the GSA after the test ride reminded me of how good a bike it still is and that was the final nail in the coffin for the Tiger Explorer.
      One final thing and that is servicing for the Tiger. Triumph list a 10000 mile service interval with a 20000 major service interval (valve check) but they also have annual service requirements in addition to the mileage requirement. So anyone buying them thinking that it will only need a service every 10k will be very much mistaken.
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