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My intercom setup from AKE Elektronik
« on: 2013-09-11 07:46:49 »

 Many has asked my when out riding how I have set up my intercom on the K1600, so I thought I should make
a short writ-up about how I have done it.
I have been using Autocom for many years, but found the system from AKE Elektronik in Germany.
The AKE system has a really good quality electronic - and sound quality is the best I have heard from any system.
They also have all sort of cables to connect to nearly anything and Bluetooth devices for all my needs.
I don't like the delay found in other systems when going from music to intercom etc. - so I decided to use a "hub" on the bike to connect all my devices - and then use eider cabled or Bluetooth to my helmet.
Now I'm using cables from my bike to my helmet, but also have the Bluetooth helmet sets and used it for a while.
In short - nothing can compare to cables when talking about sound quality.
One other important thing for me is the possibility to use ordinary Bike2Bike - to have the range I need (2-10 km).
A nice function in the AKE system - is when I'm using the automatic vox system to talk (transmit) to the other bikes - I don't lose the first words - when you starts to talk.
Normally a vox system - is a bit slow - and it takes some time for the transmitter to start up, and for the receiver to be ready and for the intercom to send the voice into the helmet.
This means that when you say "All clear" into the microphone, the vox is starting the transmitter automatically - but the other person is only hearing "clear" and not "All clear".
The AKE system is doing this different.  It has a voice memory (recorder) built inside.
When you say “All clear” it records it for 1-2 second.
 It starts the transmitter – but waits for 1-2 seconds before it starts to send the voice. Therefor nothing of your message is lost – all is received on the other bike.
When you are using “Push to talk” then this function is not needed – as you then press the button – waiting 1-2 seconds before you are saying something.
Another nice function is the automatic vox setting for the intercom – which is fully adjustable – together with an automatic adjustment of the volume in the loudspeakers.

 This really works for all speeds the bake can do. No background noise and the volume for the music or intercom is adjusted automatically as needed.
The unit has an extra microphone that measures the background (wind) noise – and automatically adjusts the vox and sound for you.
The unit also has an internal power on function – and switches itself totally off – when you disconnect your helmet – and then automatically switches the whole system on  when you connect your helmet.  Therefor the whole system can be mounted directly to the battery.

From this picture you can see that it’s wired for Bluetooth from the bike to the helmet.
 And uses a Bluetooth dongle to connect the music system on the bike to the intercom.

 But – you could also use a wired connection from the Alpine system into the intercom.
 AKE has special cable for this with isolating transformers inside. Then the volume wheel on the handlebar is working for the music.
In the beginning – I was using a Bluetooth dongle to the GPS, but later on I made a special cable into the GPS bracket – so I’m now using a direct cable from the GPS to the intercom.
 They have connecting cables for more or less everything.
Also note the “Controller” for mounting on the handlebar.  This has a “push to talk” for the Bike2Bike, and possibility to change from vox to “Push to talk”.
There is also a switch to change into “Silent” mode – where all incoming music – GPS – telephone etc. are switched off, only the intercom is enabled – and also the volume from the intercom is lowered.
 When you are in a stressed situation – flip the switch – and no disturbing sound is coming into your helmet.
When you have your mobile telephone connected by wire or Bluetooth – there is a button to enter into conversation and to hang up.
 Works also with Iphone !

They also have connector for the helmets for mounting on the bike – with flip up cower. I have one on top of the left fearing (Over the radio buttons) and one mounted on the top box for the pillion. If you should need - there is also a power stabilizer to filter away all kind of noise coming from the bikes power.

 And also a Discharge protector is available to be sure you don’t drain the battery flat of your bike.

 All in all – I’m weary satisfied with this system – as everything is done with high quality parts, and the sound is the best I have heard from any system.


 BTW: If you go for Bluetooth to your helmet, they now also have special version of the controller that has a Bluetooth mounted inside the unit. You therefor don’t need the extra dongle for connecting a Bluetooth helmet set.

Here is a photo from where I mounted the unit:

You will find everything you need in the new shop at :

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