Author Topic: Where to purchase K1600 Maintenance Parts  (Read 788 times)

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    Where to purchase K1600 Maintenance Parts
    « on: 2013-09-17 05:28:40 »
    Not trying to sell anything but I found Beemer Boneyard to have the best prices.  I just bought all new front and rear brake shoes for under $100.  They also carry the new inner sump oil plug and oil filters with crush washers for cheap.  No Air Filter yet but BMW discounted it for me anyway after I started to chop off my right arm.  Oil I buy from a local auto parts store on sale.  Only synthetic and I change it every 5 instead of 6k recommended.  Amsoil can easily go 6K since the only thing that seems to break down synthetic oil is fuel mixing in and extreme heat.  If you do not use Amsoil then I recommend you change oil every 5.  Amsoil cost so darn much.  I can change mine every 5k and do it twice for the same price at one Amsoil change.  If you tale your bike to the shop than you should use the longest lasting oil which is Amsoil.  Brake fluid use an autoparts store.  Antifreeze I do not know much about so I only use BMW brand.  Rear end oil I go again to auto parts store for Castrol Snythetic