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    Digital speedo
    « on: 2013-09-30 15:40:29 »
    I have a 2012mod. GT and think that sometimes it would be great to be able to see the actual speed of the bike without sticking my nose all the way into the speedo. Both the numbers on the GPS and the speedo are way to small for my long sighted eyes.  ::)
    I know that a digital speedo is a 2013mod. thing and that my latest software upgrade ("the green N" upgrade) didn't change the situation, but is there any knowledge out there about any future upgrade that can solve this??


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      Re: Digital speedo
      « Reply #1 on: 2013-09-30 18:57:49 »
      Sorry, its only available on 2013 models. I had a new dash in 2013 and it still did not appear.  I might be wrong but I think if you do have it on you don't get any control of the audio unit at the same time.


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        Re: Digital speedo
        « Reply #2 on: 2013-09-30 20:16:39 »
        You can setup in the menu waht the display will Show you if you turn the audio out.


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          Re: Digital speedo
          « Reply #3 on: 2013-09-30 21:28:58 »
          You can setup in the menu waht the display will Show you if you turn the audio out.
          That's correct, but the speedo option is available in the menu only when you have a '13 bike or newer.
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            Re: Digital speedo
            « Reply #4 on: 2014-08-08 20:58:42 »
            I had the same problem.  My R1200GS had huge numbers and my 1200RT really hard to see with aging eyes. 

            Two Solutions --- 1)  Install a Nav-IV or Nav-V.  The 3rd screen you can flip to has the current speed in large white numbers and is right at the top of that screen, with other trip data.  or ...

            2) Shown below --- Go to a craft store, or from a little kid, get an iridescent sticker that sparkles (chartreuse or lime green works best.  Cit a teeny sharp triangle or even a small straight sliver.  For me the benchmark MPH speeds are 70, 55, and 25 based on the roads and speed limits where I travel most.  When you apply them compensate for the angle sitting in the saddle vs. looking straight at the dial.  The, at speed a quick glance is all that's needed for reference.

            The sparkly slivers are barely visible to others, but my buddies laughed and sneered at the fix, but it worked for me.  Maybe for someone else.
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              Re: Digital speedo
              « Reply #5 on: 2014-08-08 21:18:36 »
              6-gun, not so daft really.

              First time I went to Europe ('95) on my CBR600 I used thin slivers of retro-reflective red tape at the French/Belgian speed limits
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                Re: Digital speedo
                « Reply #6 on: 2014-08-14 02:42:32 »
                If it's a garmin GPS
                You can have the speed in full face format by tapping the speed readout on touchscreen


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                  Re: Digital speedo
                  « Reply #7 on: 2014-08-17 05:50:15 »
                  The digital speedo on the display of my 2014 is great but the radio has to be off. That's probably when you'd want it most when your slightly distracted by music or whatever. Seems like a no-brainer would be to have the speed appear after a period of time with the radio on and then go back to radio when you move the thumb wheel for volume or station change.