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I was wrong
« on: 2013-11-06 21:08:23 »
 Well – I ordered a New BMW-V from the US – as I did not find a dealer in Norway that had the new GPS available.
Was reading a bit on the web – and found that it should not be a problem to get the European maps – and load them into the unit.
I therefor did order the European maps from Garmin website.
Well – first – it had not the space internally - - so I got a new 16GB card.
Then – it tells me that this unit/gps is not compatible with the European maps ?
Hmm – tried to get in contact with Garmin US – but they sent me straight back to the Norwegian dealer.
Ok – after quite a few emails – they told me that there was no reason the European maps should not go into the new BMW-V
And that they would contact Garmin-US about this.
 Then a few days later – yep – it was now possible to load the maps – but only to the internal memory – not the card ?
Did delete the internal US maps – and the loaded the EU maps into the unit. Free space was 4GB, and the EU maps about 3GB.
Yep – all was looking good, but then I realize that the “the 3D, Lane Assist and Junction View” dos not work ??
Hmm – again – started to Google for some time – and yes – on Garmin’s US page – it states that you will not get “3D, Lane Assist and Junction View” on any other maps – than the one that is initially installed by Garmin.
Dam it.  A call to Garmin – is verifying this – and also that a transfer from US to EU type is not possible.
Only option is then to try to sell it to an US citizen – and get one from Europa.
This is getting expensive  >:(  
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    Re: I was wrong
    « Reply #1 on: 2013-11-06 21:36:15 »
    Sorry to hear this. So much for international compatibility.
    This might turn out to be an expensive 'try out'.
    I guess I'll stick to my Zumo 660 for a while.
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      Re: I was wrong
      « Reply #2 on: 2013-11-07 08:40:52 »
      They are readily available from all UK dealers.


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        Re: I was wrong
        « Reply #3 on: 2013-11-13 23:00:16 »
        Sorry to hear of your mishap.
        I had similar problems on my NAV IV in that on start up it could not find any maps.
        It took several attempts at re installing the Europe maps to get it right.
        I was hoping to upgrade to the new V as I like the lane assist on my TomTom but looks like it could be a waste of time for a while. At least until they sort out any glitches.
        Just enjoy it!