Author Topic: Bluetooth volume level reduction from Alpine unit  (Read 919 times)

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    I have found that my Sena SMH-10 and S plug earbuds arrangement works well, except that I find the audio level too loud. I have confirmed that it is the GT's Bluetooth level that is too high, as I can connect my helmet to different Bluetooth sources and the volume level is controllable down to very low levels.

    I know I can put an attenuator between the Sena and my earbuds, but I'd really like to reduce the Bluetooth audio level coming from the Alpine unit instead. Does anyone happen to have the pinout and wiring connections to / from the Alpine unit? Or maybe the Alpine unit's OEM model or part number?


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    Re: Bluetooth volume level reduction from Alpine unit
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    I'm afraid there is nothing you could do on the Alphine unit - as the radio and the Bluetooth unit is in the same box.

    I had the same problem at the first using my AKE 201 units, but a software upgrade on the 201 units - fixed that problem.
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