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Read first
« on: 2013-12-03 13:07:44 »

The Bluetooth technology is coming to the world of motor biking at full speed.
As an old biker width deep interest in electronics - I find the inherent possibilities in the Bluetooth technology fascinating.
I also would like to focus on the development part of Bluetooth – as I now are involved in making hardware solutions and programming Bluetooth modules.   Using CSR BlueCore and BC5 multimedia modules.

Looking for forums out there discussing hardware and software solutions was not giving me much luck.
Therefor this section will be dedicated to everyone that is using or have interest in solutions for Bluetooth.
As I started to explore information about the technology (there's an abundance of it on the net),I found that much of it is unintelligible, if not directly misleading.

So I set out to gather what I found useful and correct, basically collecting it for my own sake and purposes. I soon noticed, however, that I was not alone in requiring this kind of info; more and more friends and acquaintances understood that I was getting into the know and started to turn to me with their questions and problems. So I decided that I would make what I have gathered available on this web site.

I have tried to simplify and condense the information, but doing this has led me to conclude that a common terminology and notation form to cover the area is missing. Moreover, there is a lot confusion being created because different people tend to describe different elements and relationships with the same (not well defined) terms. 

It takes a thorough knowledge of electronics and communication protocols to be able to decipher the varying information, and my thought is that this ought to be made more readily available in a form that may be read and understood by the non-qualified as well.

In trying to obtain this, I may be making the same kind of mistakes; i.e., using terms in a slightly inaccurate or technically not 100% prudent way. I ask for your patience with this; it hopefully serves the purpose of making the good message more accessible.

But - I need your help as well. I urge all of you that have some knowledge about Bluetooth in general or about specifics systems being used — to help me make this site useful. If you are so inclined, and are willing to share with others what you know — maybe by updating information or contribute a new section on this web — please use the "Contact"-facility — and I will get back to you.

If you find information on this website useful and would like to include it on your own site, you are welcome to do so. But, please don't just copy/paste — make a link to this website!
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