Author Topic: Thinking of a Baehr XL system  (Read 1058 times)

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    Thinking of a Baehr XL system
    « on: 2014-03-05 01:50:39 »
    I've have been reading my options for a hard wire Comm system.  I've had J&M's wired comm system on my 1200LT and have been happy with it over the years but the system J&M has for the K1600's suggest using Garmin Zumo's ( 450, 600 and 660) because of the audio output and voice input.  Since I already have a BMW motorrad V and an I-phone that I want to use, I'm leaning toward the Baehr system.  Apparently Baehr is trying to reestablish it self back in the US and I talk to the Rep in California and he told me there is an option to use Baehr's Bluetooth with the Baehr  XL and everything will work as I want:( is this true).  My other question is I thought Baehr had some financial problems a few years ago and stopped production.  I'd just hate to buy a product that is no longer supported.  Thanks in advance for your feed back.