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    « on: 2014-03-09 11:46:11 »
    Does anyone have any problems with the battery. I've owned my bike since 2011 and in all that time it's always had a tendency to flatten the battery when stood for a few days. The battery was replaced under warranty in 2012 but it continues to flatten itself. I always put the bike on it's centre stand and engage the steering lock as per advice from the dealer(Allen Jeffries). They checked it over when the battery was replaced and said there were no problems with it. The other thing it likes to do is shoot into the red on the temperature gauge when you're in slow moving traffic and especially if I'm in the Alps or Dolomites etc.
    Just about had enough of it and thinking of going back to good old reliable Japanese.
    Thought I'd add to my original comment, I don't leave the sat nav fitted when I lay the bike up and don't have any auxiliary equipment fitted apart from a USB stick.
    Thanks for the feedback so far
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      Re: Battery
      « Reply #1 on: 2014-03-09 12:46:39 »
      I would suggest batteries dont go flat in a few days unless there's a drain on them from something. Probably time to get stroppy with your dealer. Have you got anything connected to the bike that's non BMW ? I have known cases of Bluetooth dongles that should shut down when the canbus does but in fact stay open. . The gauge always rises when your in heavy traffic  and it probably does on any water cooled engine in similar situations. If the fans cut in and all returned to normal you probably dont have a problem.  There's lots of info on this forum about it.


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        Re: Battery
        « Reply #2 on: 2014-03-09 13:27:49 »
        I also hav a 2011 bike (February) but never had this probem with the battery. Last winter the bike sat in my garage for three months without riding and had no problem to start after that  (also without battery tender). As for the temperature gauge: that's normal when driving slowly in hot weather. When the fan kicks in that should keep it from going into the 'red zone'. It's also good to check the radiator for build up of mud and toher debris. especially the lower part of the radiator is prone to clog up with mud. 
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          Re: Battery
          « Reply #3 on: 2014-03-10 12:43:14 »
           The BMW battery is satisfactory for the K1600 until you start adding allot of accessories. Once, I installed the PDM-60 with Clearwater Darla lights, Turn Signal Rhondels, Hyper-lights, brake modulators, Extra GPS, etc. I noticed that it would start slowly & if I stopped and tried to go again within 5 minutes it would crank but, be was slow to start. My buddies even noticed me repeatidly cranking trying to get it to start.  I got ride of the BMW Battery & put in an Odyssey PC680 Battery. Problem Completely Solved. I had the BMW battery checked out and it is fine. Others have faced similar issues ( ).
           Your issue appears to be either a bad battery or, something is staying on after the bike is shut down.  A good motorcycle electrician probably could figure this out in a few hours. Personally, I think the BMW Battery is suboptimal for this bike. Odyssey makes a very reliable and functional battery. Best,

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          Re: Battery
          « Reply #4 on: 2014-03-10 13:07:56 »
          I found that if I left the GPS in the bike holder - the battery was flat in a few days.

          Seems that if the GPS was ON when you switched off the ignition, the GPS gets black -BUT is still on ???

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            Re: Battery
            « Reply #5 on: 2014-03-10 15:34:26 »
            My bike has been parked up since October last year, the sat nav lives on the bike, I do go out & start it ever 4/5 weeks and let it run up to temp & have never had a problem with starting it, having said that I have only the sat nav & a memory stick over & above what came with the bike. Also have a FJR & a sv650Sport and both these do need to go on a tender at least once or twice during the same period as they will turn over slow but do not want to damage the sprag clutch. Reckon you have either a drain going on or a bad battery.
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