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    Final Appeal Decision
    « on: 2014-03-27 04:55:04 »
    I know that just about everyone knows about the court decision between Mr Couling and Experience Motorcycles LTD.
    Everyone has read it and talked about, liked it or didn't want to know about it.
    But at the end of the day that court decision paved the way for many K1600 gearbox replacements.
    And then a new gearbox number appeared and then the new 2014 models came out with the revised gearbox.
    But what you didn't know is that origional court decision has been under appeal for over a year.
    BMW New Zealand and Experience Motorcycles Limited in combination with four different legal teams tried to over turn this origional decision.   Everything was thrown at this appeal by BMW, and an excess of $100,000 was spent.
    Attached is the copy of the final appeal decision.
    This is the lengths BMW went to cover-up these gearbox issues!


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      Re: Final Appeal Decision
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      And after 4 months of silence I thought this lot had vanished up their own --------.


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      Re: Final Appeal Decision
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      Let this topic just die out for itselves ...
      No more postings - please ...

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