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    Corbin seat for Exclusive
    « on: 2014-07-13 06:51:36 »
    I sure would like a Corbin saddle on my Exclusive, but it would have to match the color scheme. They had a custon leather dyed for the new Indians so I'm sure they would do it for us if enough interest were expressed. If you are interested in seeing Corbin make a seat(s) for the Ex then drop them a line. They state on their web site that they listen to customers when deciding on new products.
    I tried using their product request form but it's broken (error 404!). So I used the general feedback page.



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      Re: Corbin seat for Exclusive
      « Reply #1 on: 2014-07-13 17:40:37 »
      Hey dtpetty, I have a Corbin on my 2012 k16.  Honestly it is "OK" but not exactly how I would like a long hour touring seat.  I seem to slide forward on the saddle especially when braking going downhill.  If I were to do it all over again I would hands down get a Russell Seat.  First I tried having an upholstery add 3" gel inside my OEM seat.   I liked sitting 3" higher but the new shape of the seat force me into the gas tank due to the taper of the seat.  I had the upholstery shop redo the seat a couple of times than finally gave up and went with a Corbin.  OK but not as comfortable as I expected.