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    Fuse Block Connections
    « on: 2015-01-06 23:42:41 »
    Hi, several people here have installed fuse blocks to the 16, could one of you advise on where to connect the switched source cable ??


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      Re: Fuse Block Connections
      « Reply #1 on: 2015-01-07 13:06:02 »
      I'm guessing you are referring to fitting something like the PDM60  Anyway if you buy a fuse block it will have a red live feed wire which you connect to the positive terminal on battery and the black earth wire connects to good Earth on bike

      If you require a live source which is only on when the ignition is on then easiest is to connect to the wire running to the rear light. You can access this wire easily under the rear of seat and there are wiring diagrams on the site if you do a search

      Hope this helps. Ian