Author Topic: What is the difference between US and Euro Spec K1600GTL?  (Read 1478 times)

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    I'm thinking of touring Europe and am thinking of purchasing a GTL in Germany.   Can anyone advise me of the differences between the specifications of the US and Euro machines?   Obvious things like Speedometer are a given.  Are there any other differences?   Also should I wish to bring the bike back to the states, what is involved with getting is US Spec?


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      The only obvious signs of difference is the missing side reflectors on the forks and I think the panniers.  Obviously that's not a problem.  If the engine omissions are different you might find that a much bigger problem.    Haven't got a clue whom you could  ask except possibly your own registration authorities.


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        Apart from the obvious things already stated, the vapour/emissions canister in the fuel system. That is not present in the EU models and is mandatory (AFAIK) in the USA.
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          Euro bike if new May have DRL fitted, a no go in US I believe.
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            Euro bike if new May have DRL fitted, a no go in US I believe.

            From what I've seen and read on the ZG14 sites............Califonia has its own set of rules to the point that Kawasaki supply a U.S. Model GTR (Connie) and a Califonian version !

            Would check your local state regulations regarding import vehicles before spending $$$$$

            May be rent one of the tour ?