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Title: Fuel pump leak
Post by: on 2017-02-07 12:22:26
I have a K1600GT 2012. It started to leak fuel yesterday. I took it to my local dealer who told me it was leaking on the fuel pump flange. I see the internet is full of information about this problem and all the bikes that have been recalled due to this. Here in South Africa they just shrug their shoulders and tell me to pay more than R8000.00 to have it repaired. This is very dangerous and obviously a fault, poor show they won't do anything.
Title: Re: Fuel pump leak
Post by: FP-NLD on 2017-02-07 12:54:48
Over here it was a safety issue that was repaired without any cost.
I did not have a problem with the flange but the dealer changed it anyway.