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Title: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: DavidMcK on 2017-02-27 11:42:25
On Saturday I picked up my new 2017 GT Sport from Chester Motorrad. This involved a 22 hour round trip and a 360 mile ride. It was supposed to be much shorter than that but "Storm Dorris" was still trailing her skirts over the Irish Sea so all the fast ferries were cancelled and the slow boat was slow.

Anyway this is my third K16. The first was a 2012 bike and probably the worst bike I ever owned, the gear box was awful (even though it was changed) lots and lots of bits broke and the bike overheated constantly. The second bike was a K16 Sport which was registered in 2014 but was a 2015 Spec bike, it was the best bike I have ever owned, much, much better than the 2015 model and apart from a few broken bits early in its life, it was faultless. I have to say I fitted a Rad Guard to make sure it didn't overheat.

So the following observations are based on a 180 mile run over to Chester on the 2015 bike and the same back on the new one. It was mainly motorway.

First of all the new bike feels lighter, I have no idea why, but it does. It feels more "flickable". Perhaps it was the tires (Bridgestone),but I don't think so. Time will tell.

Its also heavier, the 2015 bike was easy to put on the main stand, the 2017 bike involves a serious amount of pushing with full weight on the stand and pulling the side bar. Perhaps, I will master the technique, but so far I have found it tough.

As someone else has commented the revs are "Softer" when opening the throttle, not quite as instant as the 2015 bike. Its fine after the first 10 yards. The sound of the exhausts are much better, not as "tinny" as the previous bikes, more of a "Growl" now.

They have fixed the horn.

There is more room under the seat and we have a new storage area just behind the battery, I will have to see if this fills up with water after washing. I fitted the Autocom yesterday, same wires as before.

The gearbox and quickshifter are excellent, gentle pressure upwards and the bike selects a new gear. There is a little more pressure when going back down the gearbox and the bike blips the throttle when selecting the gear. Again, time will tell, but its day and night from the 2012 bike, much more like a Jap gearbox.

Its a little taller (or the seat needs to bed in a bit). On the 2015 bike I could get both heels on the ground when sitting, on this one its one heel and the ball of a foot.

"Reverser" (as BMW) call it will take me a little time to get used to it. Its strange going backwards under power I haven't worked out if I should paddle with my feet or lift them and do little bursts of power. More play time.

I can't comment on the additional protection from the fairing yet, I ordered the bike with a standard screen to replace the silly thing that is on the sport bike but I am not sure if the dealer has fitted the correct one. The one that is one the bike is large and has a curved top, all photos of the K16 I have seen show a screen with a "V" in the middle, just like all the previous K16's. Perhaps BMW have changed it or perhaps the dealer fitted a GTL screen. I do know its very quiet and there is lots of protection behind it. I will have to have a chat with the dealer.

All in all, the 2017 bike is quite a bit different from the 2015 bike, its not just a fairing makeover and a couple of toys added.

 to be continued...........................
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: alaskier on 2017-02-27 14:26:14
Thanks David. I have just joined the forum as I am thinking of trading in Old Faithful (K1300GT that I bought new in Jan 2011 and have since done over 62,000 almost trouble-free miles on it) for a new K16 and I must say I was most impressed with your post.
Being a tightwad I will probably make the change next Christmas when dealers are a bit more generous with their trade-ins!
What do other members think of their K1600GT's? Are they reliable? Are they much better than the old K1300GT? Do any members suffer from the dreaded numb-bum syndrome and if so after how long in the saddle?
I look forward to hearing from you with interest
Best wishes,
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: DavidMcK on 2017-02-27 14:44:18
Tony if you want my advice, head over to Chester Motorrad and buy my 2014/2015 Sport.  11,000 miles and perfect.

I have to say I was sad to see it go.
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: sphyrnidus on 2017-02-27 18:26:00
It looks like a GTL screen to me (Like I have on my '15 GT, because I'm tall). I have a test here of the 2017 GT in a Dutch magazine (they love it) and this has the V shaped screen.
It's not supposed to be heavier, but the placement of the center stand may make it harder to put it on the stand.

btw congrats!
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: on 2017-02-28 00:42:41
just a thought on the stand
I have had 5 k1600gt so far I now have a late 2016 one
bmw have changed the stand if you look at it its smooth with no chris cross on the foot plate
don't have wet boots or it will slip
I got a good used 2015 one from eBay no problem
don't ask me why bmw must of saved £2.00
enjoy the new bike
forgot to say side stand has changed as well smaller       
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: Jim on 2017-02-28 20:12:14
Yup that's a GTL screen they have supplied you with. The side stand on my early GTL did not allow the bike to lean that much, had to watch where you parked, my 2014 leans much more. Sure I read somewhere that it was shortened in the later models in order that it could lean more helping it from being blown over or having to worry to much about the camber or lack of it when parking.
Title: Re: 2015 GT Sport and 2017 GT Sport back to back
Post by: Rambler358 on 2017-03-01 20:13:12
The top-box for the 2017 GT-SE is not color-matched with the rest of the bike?