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Post by: keith zx on 2017-07-08 17:45:52
hi thinking of selling my December 2015 fully loaded gt sport ,owned from new, 6000 carefulyl ridden miles , full bmw service history warranty till December 2015 ,totally mint new tyres fitted ,wants for nothing ready to go why buy new . looking for £13000 if interested message me thanks ,
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-07-20 21:42:39 

after loads of mind changing , eventually bit the bullet and have paid a deposit  ( again!! ) on a new 2017 z 1000 sx tourer,  non in any dealers at present the one I ordered came into the dealers and sold , expect one coming in one to two weeks ,big come down but will be 100 kgs lighter with plenty of power and still have weather protection, will have bits for sale such as nav v with cradle , gt screen ,
cosmic blue tank cover ,front lens cover and side stand thingy have been given first dabs,, will list what I have when the 16 has gone before they get e bayed .
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: gtbusa on 2017-07-21 19:32:52
how long is the gt screen and what are you looking for,for it.cheers alan
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-07-21 19:56:08
the gt screen is the original screen that came with the December 2015 gt sport ,don't know the exacgt size , will measure it before I put it up for sale 
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-08-05 19:05:20
I am still waiting for my new z 1000 sx to come into the dealers ,I have paid a deposit ,up till Friday they still do not know when they will get the last batch delivered , so if anyone is interested in my bike now showing 6200 miles I will sell it as it is with all of the extras included , sat nav v, bagster tank cover , headlight protector, side stand foot plate ,the bike is still in showroom condition, panniers have never been put on the bike yet .
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-08-07 19:20:03
after searching nationally for a 1000 sx ,managed to find one which had  just came into a local dealer , so cancelled my original deposit with the first dealer again!! I sold my 1600 gt yesterday for £13000 including the sat nav , tank cover and other stuff I had , so sorry I have no parts for sale ,not picking my new bike till first September , I might as well wait for the new reg.  will let you know my thoughts after I run it for a while ,looking forward to the 100kilo weight saving .
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: on 2017-08-08 20:29:14
let me know how it goes
keep upright
not replacing till next year
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-08-08 22:10:24

yes steve I will post my thoughts after sept the first .my 16 will be gone Saturday, don't think I will ever get a better more  comfortable powerful bike to ride as good as the 16 ,but I will be needing something lighter had my fun with it , some of the dealers were offering as low as £9000 for my bike , these bikes loose a fortune from new , no one wants them at a reasonable price , so when I got the chance of  a reasonable offer I took it ,as it would be worth less next year. bike stands me around £18300 with all the bits , the person buying it will be putting it to its correct use he does a lot of touring miles around Europe, hope he enjoys it as much as I did.. was looking around for another lighter bike with protection and power , it always came back to the z 1000 sx tourer ,the problem was finding one all of the dealers are sold out , they are waiting for them coming in and aren't sure when they are getting them ,there was two left in Birmingham , I just hit lucky with the Stockton dealer getting one last week. 
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: keith zx on 2017-08-11 21:14:26
my bike has now gone to its new home, will definitely miss it ,  I have never ridden a bike any were near as  comfortable , saw my new z 100sx today at the dealers ,sat on it although I wanted something lighter it was like sitting on a push bike compared to the 16!!!I am sure it will be fine when it comes once I get used to it , I found the 16 strange at first ,  but after a couple of good rides it just got better and better once I got  to know the bike,  lets see how long I can keep the sx ,you loose too much when you buy a new bike, it is always the first owner who takes the big hit when you want to move it on.
Title: Re: 2015 GT SPORT FOR SALE
Post by: on 2017-08-11 22:09:15
hi Keith
I know what you mean when I have a RT when my bike is in I think it has parts missing its so light
not been on my bike fore 4 weeks now after a knee bad infection but bean siting in the garage looking
and getting pis,,,, off 2 weeks more and 3 of us are in France for a long weekend
the only one is the grand daughter a biker in the making I think