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    ESA problem
    « on: 2017-06-21 18:38:53 »

    Fellows, best wishes, to request your help regarding the ESA system of the K1600 (gtl),the fault that initially presented my motorcycle is leakage of oil of the rear shock absorber so it stopped regulating the suspension height when selecting the different modes.

    Made the change proposed by replacing the original BMW original strut fpr the WILBERS 644 WESA SERIES REAR SHOCK ONLY // K1600GTL Code: 644-1053-XXWESA for which I sent  to the workshop my original part For them to do the adaptation using my controllers and electronics, however when mounting and reconnecting the new part on my bike it simply does not work. Has anyone had any similar experience?

    I took that alternative because I was assured that it would work without any inconvenience, but the result was more problems.

    Some people suggest that I do a scan to reset the fault in the central control unit of the ESA and adjust the limits of heights of the suspension by the GS-911 wifi Enthusiast Code: GS911wifi, but I do not want to spend more, so your comments would be very useful; Has anyone made it ? how did it go?...

    As you will understand after spending so much time and money trying to solve this electronic adjustment, I need to know about similar cases to guide my decision on how to solve my problem definitively.

    Thank you very much, happy rides.

    Salvador SVM


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      Re: ESA problem
      « Reply #1 on: 2017-06-21 20:08:31 »
      I know of some riders in the USA who have exchanged the shocks for Wilbers WESA and that all went fine.
      I do not know whether the Wilbers have to be made 'known' to the bike's computer or not. Either by the dealer or by using a GS911.
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        Re: ESA problem
        « Reply #2 on: 2017-06-22 00:34:39 »
        Thank you very much for your comment, I will try to diagnose ESA control unit ... I think it is the best I have to do to restore it, greetings.


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        Re: ESA problem
        « Reply #3 on: 2017-10-07 21:20:19 »
        O Have the same oil leak on rear shock. Its immpossible to reapair that beacuse the elastomer inside is fault. Only new shock. And try to keep your K1600 in warm during the winter. It will be better for that shock.
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