Author Topic: Autocom SPA-2 electrical connection to K1600GTL Exclusive.  (Read 477 times)

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    Hi,  just joined the forum as a new K1600GTL Exclusive owner.  I want to fit a SPA-2 Intercom with a Bluetooth module to connect to a Nav 5.  So far so good.  However, I have 2 questions for anyone out there:
    • I have a battery connection lead 2437 and am happy with its connection to the battery terminals, but need some advice on what to connect the trigger feed wire to.  I see in previous threads that people have used the tail light circuit, presumably because most people leave their lights on on bikes nowadays.  However, interested to know if there are any other options/solutions out there.
    • Is there any need for the Autocom 2275 lead that disconnects the onboard speakers.  I can’t see any problem with having them on when the intercom is on, and can see the odd situation - such as when you stop the bike when you might actually want both on.  Is there a problem with this.