Author Topic: sytem 7 helmet and new coms unit  (Read 137 times)

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    sytem 7 helmet and new coms unit
    « on: 2018-03-07 19:48:16 »
    hi just got a new system 7 crash helmet
    I got the new coms from another  dealer that have just received stock
    this post is about fitting the coms
    as you know bmw helmets were made by schuberth for bmw not the 7 it seams
    the problem is the screws used in the 7 are crap you will have a problem reusing them again
    if you do get a coms get bmw to fit it and point out about the screws
    so so small heads on them  >:(
    not happy as I have just spent £800.00 I would want a better quality
    by the way have a system 6 with coms that I got in June last year
    that I will be listing on eBay size 60/61   

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      Re: sytem 7 helmet and new coms unit
      « Reply #1 on: 2018-03-09 22:24:55 »
      hi just a update on the new system 7 helmet
      had a chances to use it yesterday
      and what a let down I got about 40miles and had to stop
      I might had been better riding with two ice cubes on my face
      with the chin guard down the wind cuts pass the sides
      its not up to the hype looks fab but and its a big but its not well put together
      my system 6 wins over
      if any one has one yet can you let me know
      on the only plus side the coms unit is excellent 
      I have contacted bmw customer service to day to complain
      after £850.00 I expect better    >:(:(:'(